Monday, October 21, 2013


Witches sings on Halloween…
 Here’s a witch with a tall black hat
 HEH HAH HEH HAH ! here are the whiskers of my black cat
I do fly ,under the clouds and over the sky  
On  my broom stored in my cauldron room
when the harvest moon fills the sky , I, the wicked witch is flying by!
Searching for Black apples from hasting drive
with yummy vinegar on the side
Pumpkins shining bright with their candle lights
Here is the scary  Jack-o-lantern looking at you
Bats and goblins coming too!
Watch out guys here I comes…the scary witch on her ride….

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mistakes ! ?

Mistakes are good..they help us grow
they teach us what we want to know
so if you make a mistake..don't cry
it will be ok..if you try

Monday, July 1, 2013


It was a warm sunny day and I was just reaching the park to play hide and seek. As I ran to find a hiding spot I noticed a map near a tree! Curious I went up to the map and suddenly it sucked me up. Ahh! I closed my eyes and when I came to I realized that I was in a different world. It was…pink up, pink down, pink left, pink right, pink everywhere! Then I spotted a banner (pink of course) which said “Welcome to Magic Land "Magic land I thought “I think it should be called Pink Land. Right after I finished my thought two sweet, cute little critters greeted me. One was a puppy and the other was a kitty. Yeesh hope they get along. But then I was shocked, shocked to hear them speak! Not the speak like woof, woof, meow, meow but speak like English!
I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. I it was the real deal! I ran around in circles screaming but when I was running the kitty giggled and the puppy giggled then the kitty laughed and the puppy laughed finally the kitty sent a laughing tornado and the puppy let out a laughing tornado. It was like thy were laughing their heart of. The finally stopped 2 hours 45 minutes later. I counted. Finally they spoke to me. Their names where Knittle and Poppy. They said that this land was in grave danger from the king of Dead Land plus the king is a big mean red fire breathing dragon. They also mentioned that only people not animals can destroy Dead Land. Everyone looked at me even the trees! Creepy! “What”? I asked. “Well, Poppy said you are a human aren’t you?”
I gulped then without control I ran as fast as my little legs could go to the …sea! I fell in the sea almost drowning then (my hero) a ship rescued me and talked to me to! I thought it was a bad dream so I fainted. When I came to I saw myself in the ships living room. Wow! It was full of beautiful crystal! Suddenly while I was relaxing watching TV the door opened and Poppy and Knitle came out. Not them again. After the moment of silence. The ship spoke. He said something about a crystal pearl attacked by Dead Land. Oh! That’s what Knitle was talking about plus he said that he had a treasure room for me to go into and protect the crystal pearl. After that my face light up like the sun. A treasure room? I raced like a cheetah to the treasure. Wow! The treasure room was …well full of treasure! Then I saw the crystal pearl glimmering in the middle like a center piece I was so distracted by it I didn’t notice some ghosts coming through the walls. Suddenly in a blink of a eye the ghosts barged through stole the crystal pearl and also making me topple over. I was so startled I let out a scream. Alarmed Poppy and Knitle raced to the door and a certain ghosts with red hair formed a purple ball that hit…Poppy! No! Uh oh I think ghosts can hear thoughts and came running toward me!When I was almost going to faint until an invisible force field knocked him out and a portal sucked all the ghosts up and I swear I heard a grrrrr.
After the whole commotion was over Knitle started crying I felt bad for her. It seems that the ship was in vacation and just came back. What happened he cried Knitle explained everything? She told how I scream and when they came Poppy got hit and the crystal pearl got stolen. After that sentence the ship went crazy and….shot a spell on us! The shot knocked Knitle and I out. When I came to w- we w-w where i-in D-D-D-Dead L-L-L-Land! I ran in circles faster than when I met Poppy and Knitle. Of course Knitle giggled but then there was silence and Knitle became sad, sad, sad! I broke the silence why are we here I stammered. Knitle thought for a while along a long while then a real light bulb was on her head. I think she has an idea.” Maybe, she said, maybe that spell that the ship cast brought us to dead land”. Okay that makes sense but why? Well we lost the crystal pearl so maybe he sent us there to find it plus Poppy. ”Okay” I said, well what are we waiting for? Let’s go I gulped but I accepted we left.
Cough! It was so smoky “keep your ears perked up something might pop up that we don’t expect”. I tried to but I couldn’t .Suddenly, as fast as lightning a bunch of ghosts and their leader appeared. Knitle hissed. Their leader apporched”boo ha boo ha trying to get the crystal? “yes”, I”, I shouted well my name is sir. Boo, if you want to know. Without response, the ghosts fired up a move. Luckily Knitle was too fast for them. Well think stealing Poppy made her MAD. When she was in the air and sent out a beam which hit all the ghosts. Now only sir Boo was left. When he was trying to get Knitle, Knitle sent another beam. After some other beams he was finally knocked out. Suddenly all the knocked out ghosts disappeared! Knitle told me to keep walking.
We walked and walked and walked waiting for exiting things to happen, well only me, until we reached lava alley. Knitle told me to be careful. I didn’t listen I just skipped along without care until lava blast from the ground exploded in front of me! I was so scared! K Knitle, who was behind me walking carefully, ran up to me and yelled “I told you to be careful”. Right after her sentence a big lava flood came! With Knitle’s magic powers she flew me away to the other side of lava alley. Whew that was close! “Come on, Knitle said, we are here”. I hopped around until I crashed. When I looked up I saw a creepy and scary castle.
Welcome to Dragondread where we are going to get the crystal pearl and save Poppy. “Can I have a drink first?” I stammered but Knitle pushed me in. When we opened the door and walked in I saw a battle arena and then a throne dropped from the ceiling and 2 cages. When I saw the person sitting in the throne I recognized him immediately. It was King Flare Breath Knitle had described him perfectly earlier and the 2 cages held normal Poppy and the crystal pearl. Then with a booming voice the battle started! He hit me directly with a fireball. I was so startled I jumped but dodged the attack. When I came to the ground Knitle fired beams at the crystal pearl even Poppy! While doing that Knitle told me to make FlareBreath attack the crystal pearl, I asked why but she didn’t listen. Well I did what they told. I came to him and… tickled him. Boy was he ticklish. When I stopped I raced in front of the crystal pearl. The king was so angry he let out a beam to hit me. I dodged and it hit the crystal pearl! Finally the pearl let out a rainbow beam that went out the window and landed on a circle in the middle of Dead Land. When it touched the ground a big explosion appeared destroying Dead Land! Quickly teleported us to Magic Land where the ship, the citizens plus the magnificent crystal pearl waited for us.
Finally the old ship showed me the map I had seen before and within a blink of an eye I was sent to the park when I was looking for a hiding spot.” Huh was I dreaming?” I thought. I went to my dad still counting to 100 and told that I want to go home because I felt sick. When I was in the car I thought about my adventure and If my parents are going to believe me. The End....