Monday, July 25, 2011


Star light star light up in the sky
See how its sparkling than everything
when i was a baby i always wish i have a star
and fly all the way up to the star
But when i grow up i understand that it is a sun
Now i know that sun itself is a star...


I drew this for my kindergarden teacher, Ms. Shields

Krishna the butter thief

One of my favourite, i drew this when i was 4 years

Magical land

Light is bright and the sun is bright
the day is so lighty bright
I am going for a ride in a bright car
and its lightly polished all the way.

We then drove to a magical land
it was morning just like ours
I saw a sparkly rainbow that
shining and sparkling every day

All the colors on the rainbow are smiling at me,
so i asked my parents we could stay
and they said YES :D


Twi twi twi
the stars are bright
the north star is comming near to me
what a beautiful night
what a beautiful world
Its make me so happy

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Never give up

Hi everybody my name is Malavika this is my first blog.

Today I am sharing one of my Poem .

Keep on trying, never give up
If you are in a task to swim in the ocean
and your arms gets tired
never give up....

If you are running and you may be panting
just never give up
you cannot win the race if you give up.....

If you give up a chance you will never ever ever win....